Get to know the Features of the CODA Thickness Grid Software Application

June 25, 2024

The Thickness Grid application permits visualizing and storing multiple thickness readings in a grid-type view. The pre-configured grid from the component is replicated in the software for easier data entry and retrieval.

The software has been specially designed to improve the operation workflow on applications that require a grid-type data view:

Configurable thickness grid:

  • Up to 250 rows and columns.

Scanning a Data Entry:

  • A-Scan and grid view running simultaneously or individually.
  • Easy operation with any handheld device using operator mode.
  • Color-coded readings for a faster flaw detection: Cells are displayed using a color-coded palette based on readings values.
  • Readings categorization: mark readings as valid/invalid and re-take measurements as needed.

Reporting and data retrieval:

  • Automatic reports in PDF, including inspection parameters, and color-coded thickness matrix
  • Export data in .csv (Excel) format

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