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Internal residual stress measurement on plates, train wheels, and thick structures using proprietary sensors and scanners. The technique uses two orthogonal linearly polarized Shear Horizontal waves at 0 and 90 degrees to provide a birefringence measurement which is directly correlated with internal stress.


  • Non-contact EMAT ultrasonic stress measurement technique.
  • Custom software with residual stress measurement in MPa or psi.
  • Built-in reports with residual stress measurement, graphs, snapshots, and other data.
  • Portable probe scanner for semi-automated residual stress measurement on train wheels.
  • Rotating probe scanner for semi-automated residual stress measurement on plates.
  • Meets EN 13262:2011 and German Standard VPI 09. Tested and endorsed by European OEMs for the railway industry.

Software Upgrades

  • Stress Measurement

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