LRUT (Long Range UT)

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The MRUT and LRUT techniques are complimentary to each other. MRUT provides an inspection range of around 3m with better accuracy and resolution (due to its higher frequency), and LRUT provides the remaining inspection range of up to 100m for a faster screening of large distances of pipes.

MRUT and LRUT techniques comparison inspection in pipes and tubes

In addition to the unique ability to perform MRUT and LRUT inspection in a single instrument (VOLTA), our novel LRUT approach offers the following benefits when compared to conventional LRUT rings:

  • Extremely compact and lightweight solution capable of inspecting a wide range of pipe diameters. Also, other structures with complex shapes such as rails, beams, etc. are now possible to inspect. Our LRUT ribbon adjustable transducers weight less than half a kilogram vs much heavier and hard to carry conventional LRUT rings.
  • Standard kit covers all pipe schedules up to 24”. Additional ribbon sensors available to cover diameters up to 48” and above.
  • Very fast and quick installation. No need to pressurize the transducers. Surfaces only need slight sanding and inspections can run on painted surfaces.
  • Low profile for limited access locations. This is of particular relevance for pipe racks with limited spacing between them.
  • Single transducer for the whole pipe perimeter, reducing drastically maintenance, spares and repair costs.
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), thus increasing the probability of detection.
  • Pure wave form with minimum blind zone (more uniform loading of sound in the pipe).
  • Fast pipe screening, allowing for maximum productivity.

VOLTA is the only instrument in the market able to run both LRUT and MRUT with a single compact instrument, facilitating onsite works while reducing expenditure in additional NDT systems.