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Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) is a comprehensive software suite that underpins all of Innerspec’s new integrated systems and portable instruments. ITOP includes our customized Operating System (ITOS), the application software for each application (NDT-WEB), a system management and communications utility (SYSTEM MANAGER), and a cloud-based portal (NDT-LINK).

ITOS — Innerspec Technologies Operating System. Custom-made Linux-based Operating System designed specifically for Innerspec Technologies applications.

NDT-WEB — Application specific software including:
Real-time acquisition and processing.
- Uses fast FPGA-based signal acquisition and processing.
- Provides uninterrupted control and analysis of all time sensitive operations, including real-time display and disposition.

Processing Link
- Connects real-time acquisition & processing with the user interface using standard communication protocols.
- Decouples acquisition from user interface for easy hardware upgrades, and rapid customization of user interface.
- Organizes and prepares data received from real time acquisition & processing for representation in user interface.

User Interface
- Provides display and user controls customized for the application using proprietary NDT-WEB real-time web technology.
- First Web based NDT software on the market.
- Broadcasts its own wireless signal for simple access by any device using a regular browser and IP address (no client software needed). Alternatively, users can connect to the equipment using an external video monitor or ethernet port.
- Permits easy customization of user controls and display without affecting the operation of the equipment.

Data Server
- MySQL database with open format.
- Permits generation of standard and custom reports.
- Provides custom REST API  (application programming interface) for customers and integrators.

SYSTEM MANAGER — System management and communications utility.
• Monitors hardware status and alarms as needed.
• Permits software upgrades/downgrades and configure drives for backups.
• Connection setup tools with other lines and equipment and Innerspec’s cloud service.

NDT-LINK — Innerspec’s cloud service.
• User profile management.
• Asset management (characteristics, documentation, updates and upgrades).
• Spares lists customized by asset and on-line shopping.
• Ticket management and on-line support.
• User training.
• Cloud storage.
• Data analysis & operations control (production statistics, AI tools)