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NDT Rail Inspection

High performance immersion tanks for unique Ultrasonic and Phased Array inspections.
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Thickness Measurement and Flaw Detection (EMAT, DCUT)
EMAT sensors permit non-contact and no-couplant measurements from -30ºC to 650ºC on most metallic materials. DCUT sensors provide no-couplant measurements for metallic and non-metallic components.
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Bolt Load Inspection (EMAT)
Measurement of bolt-load by comparing variations in ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight corresponding to changes in bolt elongation (strain). Single (SH) wave and double (SH + L) wave sensors available to meet different requirements.
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Stress Measurement (EMAT)
Residual stress measurement on railroad wheels, pipelines, and steel plates using custom sensors, software, and positioners.
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