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Bolt Load Inspection (EMAT)

Measurement of bolt-load by comparing variations in ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight corresponding to changes in bolt elongation (strain). Single (SH) wave and double (SH + L) wave sensors available to meet different requirements.
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Shear Horizontal conical wave permits measurement of strain on any type of bolt (regardless of bolt end) and metallic material. Double-wave technique uses Shear Horizontal and Longitudinal waves to measure elongation on bolts in-situ that cannot be removed from the structure.


  • Non-contact EMAT ultrasonic bolt testing technique.
  • EMAT sensors do not mechanically load the surface under test allowing a greater precision of measurement of ultrasonic arrival time variation.
  • Capable of working on non-flat bolt heads and bottoms.
  • Double wave technique (using SH and L wave sensor) permits ultrasonic bolt load measurement without knowing the original length of the bolt.
  • Custom ultrasonic bolt testing software provides actual load readings (MPa or PSI).

Software Upgrades

  • Bolt-Load Measurement

Related Instruments

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Standard EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories for the most common applications (normal beam, guided waves, angled beam)

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