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Structural Integrity of Bridges and Tanks (AE)

Acoustic Emission solution to monitor the integrity of bridges and oil tanks (spheres and others). Commercialized in the Iberian peninsula for Mistras.

The growing flow of traffic and pedestrians can trigger catastrophic failure of bridges. Therefore, remaining life and structural integrity assessments are crucial. Acoustic Emission technique is an in-situ and profitable monitoring solution to estimate bridge condition. This technique evaluates the dynamic response of the bridge under load.

Vehicles and pedestrians’ weight crossing the bridge are the load applied to the structure whereas the sensors are attached to the structure listening continuously. Sensors gather any energy released by specific acoustic emission sources. In general, an array of sensors is used, allowing localisation of acoustic emission sources within the structure under investigation.

Acoustic Emission systems and servicesprovided in partnership with MISTRAS:

  • Assessment of specific areas requiring a maximum of 4 sensors: Physical Acoustics’ microSHM system is used on applications that require a maximum of 4 sensors. The Micro-SHM is a standalone Acoustic Emission system designed to provide a cost-effective, reliable, indoor & outdoor solution for structural health monitoring and process monitoring. Wi-Fi or cellular options are available for wireless remote monitoring.
  • General assessment of the bridge requiring a higher number of sensors: Physical Acoustics’ Industrial Express chassis allows a maximum of 96 sensors.