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Software AEwin

AEwin™ is a Windows®-based program for real-time “simultaneous” Acoustic Emission (AE) testing feature and waveform processing, display, fast storage, and replay.
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AEwin™ is a Windows®-based program for real-time “simultaneous” Acoustic Emission (AE) feature and waveform processing, display, fast storage, and replay. It is used for true, real-time operation and control with your MISTRAS AE System (Express-8, PCI2, SAMOS, SH II, SH III, AE USB Node, and Wireless AE Node). AEwin™ is easy to learn, operate and use. The software has all the acquisition, graphing and analysis capabilities that customers have come to expect in an AE system, plus many more features to ease your data analysis and visualization tasks.

AEwin™ offers highly flexible AE display and analysis, with exceptional 2D and 3D graphing and manipulation capabilities, and a framework for easily creating and customizing graph display. Graph types include 2D histograms, line plots and point plots, 3D graphs, waveforms, FFTs, and multiple plots on a single graph with coloring options. All graphs can be infinitely zoomed, maximized to full screen, and offer cursor readout capability, allowing for close-up data analysis. Additionally, AEwin™ includes enhanced processing features such as Hit-Event Linking and built-in filtering functions (both graphical filters and Post Filtering).

AEwin’s standard configuration includes both zonal and linear location determination modes. For more comprehensive location determination capabilities, optional “Full Location” software adds 2D Planar Location capabilities. For 3D location, “3D Location” and “Spherical 3D location” options are also available. Multiple copies of AEwin can be run at once, one for acquisition with full display and analysis capabilities, and one or more as Replay for additional analysis purposes.

Software NOESIS

NOESIS is a Windows-based software program for advanced Acoustic Emission data analysis, pattern recognition & neural networks. It offers real-time and replay software feature extraction and classification of AE data, and incorporates statistical Pattern Recognition algorithms and Neural Networks processing to provide the user with the latest in automatic data classification (grouping).

Its unique user interface offers an intuitive way of setting up plots and arranging them in pages, giving high flexibility and a friendly working environment. NOESIS has been recognized by industry and research institutions as the most advanced tool for AE data analysis, and it is currently used in a large number of AE applications world-wide, from industrial inspections to aerospace research. It provides all the tools an analyst would like to use in industrial applications, as well as for research purposes, with its highly advanced data manipulation functions.

All NOESIS functions are available to the user with a few mouse clicks, and special wizards are available, resulting in the most time effective means of treating AE data for any application. Pattern Recognition and Neural Network algorithms, in combination with the FX function and arbitrary data set and wave form support, allow deep investigation of any data set, making NOESIS a powerful research tool. Moreover, all NOESIS features are available for the real-time analysis of data. NOESIS can import Physical Acoustics’ AE data files (DTA, TDA, WFS) for compatibility with Physical Acoustics AE systems.

Industrial Express – Large PCI Express AE Chassis

The Industrial Express chassis is the ideal foundation for an AE system built to meet the needs of demanding testing applications. With the capacity to hold up to 12 of Physical Acoustics’ Express-8 AE boards, the Industrial Express chassis can support up to 96 AE channels in a single unit.

The Industrial Express chassis offers all of the features that users expect in an everyday computer, including a high-performance CPU, USB connectivity, and a CD/DVD ROM drive, along with the Windows 7 operating system.

The chassis goes beyond these standard capabilities, however, with its 12 PCI Express slots for Physical Acoustics’ Express-8 boards, AE Hit LEDs on the front panel, and optional AE audio output compatibility for AE monitoring using sound feedback. Its rugged, rack-mountable design and flow-through card cooling help to ensure reliable operation in industrial environments.

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Standard EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories for the most common applications (normal beam, guided waves, angled beam)

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