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The TEMATE TG-IS(B) is designed for measuring wall loss and detecting Hydrogen Corrosion Cracking (HCC) and caustic gauging in boiler tubes. The TEMATE TG-IS(B) is available for purchase or rental from Innerspec Technologies.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique.
  • Custom instrumentation and sensors for boiler tube inspection.
  • Permits 100% inspection of boilers instead of spot checking at up to 15cm/s of scanning speed.
  • Ultrasonic EMAT technique provides accurate thickness readings with minimum surface preparation.
  • Only system capable of measuring remaining wall thickness on heavily corroded tubes.
  • Capable of detecting Hydrogen Corrosion Cracking (HCC), pitting, and caustic gouging.
  • Works on carbon steel and cladded tubes.
  • Sensor with integrated encoder and light indicators for fast visual alert to the operator.
  • Exclusive boiler mapping software application permits easy visualization of boiler walls with results of inspection for fast analysis and interpretation.
  • Proven technology with hundreds of boilers and thousands of kilometers of inspected tube worldwide.

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