TAURUS Automated

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TAURUS is an automated system for ultrasonic inspection of aerospace components using water jet and air-coupled through-transmission (TTU) and/or pulse-echo (PE) techniques. The system includes one or two industrial robots mounted on linear tracks to provide maximum flexibility and performance for the inspection of very large and complex components. The robots can be fitted with standard and custom end effectors and yokes to adapt to complex geometries such as double curvatures, edges, cut-outs, radii, T or Ω stringers. Automatic tool changers permit adding other devices such as defect marking or laser scanning for teaching trajectories.


  • Waterjet, local immersion, total immersion in external tank, and air-coupled ultrasonic techniques
  • Pulse/Echo (PE) and Thru-Transmission (TTU) with mono-element, dual frequency, and phased array probes.
  • Multiple Configurations:

           - TAURUS - Single robot

           - TAURUS Twin - Two robot configuration (twin robots with tracks facing each other).

           - TAURUS MRO – Single robot with yoke for MRO inspections in a maintenance hangar.

  • 7-8 axis robot mounted on alinear track permit inspections of very large components and complex geometries (double curvatures, edges, cut-outs, radii, T and Ω stringers).
  • Real-time C-scans provide immediate feedback of coverage and quality of inspection.
  • SONIA instrumentation with INSPECTVIEW Software.
  • Most popular robotic inspection system in the market with tens of installations worldwide, and qualified by major aerospace manufacturers.
  • Manufactured by Innerspec in the US under license from Tecnatom.