Micro-SHM — Structural Health Monitoring System

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The Micro-SHM is a standalone acoustic emission (AE) system designed to provide a cost-effective, reliable, indoor & outdoor solution for structural health monitoring (SHM) and process monitoring. It is ideal for isolated objects, such as bridge components, pressure vessels, pipelines, slow-speed bearings, and machine monitoring. The remote structural monitoring system is a powerful monitoring tool, with data management and smart analysis capabilities, complete with multiple AE and parametric data recording.

The Micro-SHM is an adaptable system, with various configuration options for specific structural health monitoring needs. It uses system-on-a-chip technology (SoC), and either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or wireless configurations. SoC allows for less power, lower cost, and higher reliability than the multichip systems that it replaces. Since PoE allows the Micro-SHM to use a single Ethernet cable for power, communication, and time synchronization, the system reduces cabling and installation time and optimizes communications. Wi-Fi or cellular options are available for wireless remote monitoring.


AE Specifications
Number of AE channels 1 or 2
Frequency Bandwidth 5 kHz – 1 MHz
Analog Filter 2 high pass and 2 low pass/channel
Sample Rate 10 MSamples/second
A/D Resolution 18 bits
Hit Waveform 1k – 5k Samples/hit
Auto Sensor Testing Yes
Internal SMB Male
Number of parametric channels 2
Parametric bandwidth 0-100 Hz
Parametric Sample Rate 10 KSamples/second
Parametric A/D Resolution 16 bits
Parametric Type Voltage and strain gauge
Voltage Input Range 0 – 4 V
Voltage Amplifier x1
Strain Gauge Bridge Conditioner ¼ bridge
Strain Gauge Amplifier x100, x400, x500
Internal parametric connector Terminal block
Physical Specifications
Box IP Rating IP 66
Box Dimensions ~8x5x2.5 in. (~200x125x62 mm)
SSD Memory 32 GB
Phantom Power Voltage 5 volts
Operating Temperature ~40ºF to 140ºF
Power Requirements 6 W
1-hour backup battery Optional (2W)
LED Alerts (Normal/Warning/Alarm) Optional
Digital I/O (2 in and 3 out) Optional
Control Computer Windows 7, 9, 10 or compatible
Supported Sensor and Preamplifier 5V integral preamplifier
Sensor or general sensor
With 5V low power preamplifier