T-Welds inspection with the temate Si-LSB-small
T-Welds inspection with the temate Si-LSB

The temate® SI-LSB is designed for inspecting ERW welds on LiteSteel Beams. LiteSteel Beams (LSB) involve rolling the flanges of the beam and welding them against the web. The rolled flanges are subsequently squared, producing a beam with half the weight of an I beam of the same structural strength.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique.
  • Guided waves fill up the volume of the material and provide thru thickness inspection in one pass.
  • Detects lack of fusion not visible to the naked eye at production speeds.
  • Installs immediately after welding to minimize scrap rates.
  • Less sensitive to probe positioning, no “rastering” motion or “phased array” of sensors necessary.
  • Self-calibrated sensor. No need for teaching period or regular calibrations.
  • Permits inspection at up to 1m/s in completely automated environments.
  • Exclusive flexible sensor technology that conforms to the surface and undulations of the part.
  • Only system capable of meeting the quality requirements of LiteSteel Inc.
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