Thin Butt Welds - Less than 6mm (EMAT)

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TEMATE SI-BW is designed for inspection of thin butt welds less than 12mm (<0.47”). TEMATE SI-BW can be customized to meet your unique inspection needs.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique for ultrasonic testing of welds.
  • Guided waves fill up the volume of the material and provide through thickness inspection in one pass.
  • Detects and discriminates “planar”defects such as lack of fusion, lack of penetration, concavity or mismatch, and “point” detects such as holes and porosity.
  • Capable of detecting porosity as small as 0.1mm in a 3mm weld.
  • Less sensitive to probe positioning, no “rastering” motion or “phased array” of sensors necessary.
  • Self-calibrated sensor.No need for teaching period or regular calibrations.
  • Permits inspection at up to 1m/s in completely automated environments.
  • Exclusive flexible sensor technology that conforms to the surface and undulations of the part.
  • Inspects any type of weld(Laser, Electron Beam, TIG, MIG, ERW, Flash-Butt, Forged, etc.).
  • Proven technique with hundreds of systems installed.