Flash-Butt Welds in Steel Mills (EMAT)

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TEMATE SI-CJ is an automated system for volumetric inspection of flash-butt welds in steel mills. Flash-butt welders are installed at the beginning of the pickle line to weld the end of one coil with the beginning of the next one. TEMATE SI-CJ is the only system for automated, volumetric Flash-Butt Weld Inspection in steel mills and can be adapted to fit any welder.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique for real-time flash weld monitoring.
  • In-line & fully automated.
  • Detects internal voids, laps, misaligns and poor trim quality.
  • Inspects all kinds of steel, including TRIP, Dual-Phase and all HSS grades.
  • Self-calibrated sensor. No need for teaching period or regular calibrations.
  • Inspects while trimming with no additional cycle time (Taylor Winfield & Miebach).
  • Optional weld monitoring system (by Innerspec and IBA).
  • Proven system with over 25 installations around the world, and endorsed by the major welder manufacturers.
  • Average payback of less than six months by eliminating inspection cycle time, reducing/eliminating breaks and allowing increases in production speed.

General Specifications

Materials Inspected

  • Flat rolled carbon steel, all grades.
  • 0.060” (1.5mm) to 0.260” (6mm) thickness.

Defect Detection

  • Nominal detection of notches: 10% wt deep.
  • Plate mismatch (laps).
  • Strip misalignment.
  • Over/under trim.
  • Lack of fusion.
  • Full plate width inspection (no width limitations)

Inspection Technique

  • Volumetric guided waves for inspection of the weld (i.e. top and bottom surface, and internal).
  • Pitch-catch configuration with signal normalization.
  • Maximum sample rate of 2000 pulses per second.


  • Sensor: 4.25” (108mm) W x 5.50” (140mm) L x 25.69” (653mm) H when fully extended.• Weight 34 lbs (15 Kg).
  • Data Acquisition Cabinet: Enclosure is 24” (610mm) W x 32.3” (820 MM) L x 69” (1750 mm) H, weighing 500 lbs (225 Kgs).