ERW and SAW Tube and Pipe (PAUT)

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POWERUT SPIDER is designed to provide ultrasonic off-line inspections of longitudinal ERW or SAW welds in tubes and pipes.


  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) technique.
  • Independent linear inspection gantry with modular Phased-Array clusters.
  • Localized immersion at each cluster using acoustically transparent membranes for optimum coupling at minimum water consumption rates.
  • Full floating compliant cluster design with 3 Degrees-of-Freedom with robust mechanical placement for precise product control and low maintenance.
  • Pipe diameter 200mm to 1400mm. Other sizes upon request.
  • Overhead gantry design with automatic probe adjustment for reduced setup times.
  • Automatic weld tracking and diameter changes.
  • Fully compliant with API5-L, ISO 3183 and latest versions of DNV, TOTAL and SHELL specifications.