Submerged Arc Weld Pipe (SAW) Inspection

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POWERUT SAW is an automated ultrasonic pipe inspection system designed for accurate and efficient inspection of the weld seam and heat affected zone of linearly welded SAW and ERW pipe. POWERUT SAW meets the most stringent global oil and gas pipeline standards for SAW weld and ERW Weld.


  • Multi-element parallel firing Phased Array technique.
  • Higher energy density than standard UT techniques (paintbrush, multiple head).
  • Detects longitudinal and transverse surface and internal defects and through holes.
  • Pipe diameter 200mm to 1400mm. Other sizes upon request.
  • Wall thickness 6mm to 60mm. Other sizes upon request.
  • Overhead gantry design with automatic probe adjustment for reduced setup times.
  • 5 clusters of UT probes for full ID, OD and volumetric inspection.
  • Full floating clusters with 3 axis of freedom (vertical, axial and radial) to ensure proper compliance during pipe movement.
  • Automatic weld tracking.
  • Automatic diameter changes.
  • Meets all global pipeline inspection standards.