Tube, Strip and Plate (DCUT)

The PowerUT® TG-IL uses Dry-Coupled UT (DCUT) sensors to measure thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials with optimum resolution and accuracy.


  • Proprietary DCUT sensors with no-couplant.
  • Ambient temperature inspection.
  • Wheel and touch probe sensors for continuous and spot measurements.
  • Great accuracy (12.7µm) and resolution (up to 1mm).
  • Thickness readings (resolution) of 1mm at 2m/s.
  • Automatic calculation of eccentricity and ovality.
  • Thickness measurement on internally tapered tubes.
  • Applicable to finishing lines on tubes (stainless, carbon), pilger mills and many other applications.


  • Technique:
    • Dry-coupled, High-power Piezoelectric Transducer
  • Materials Inspected:
    • Metallic and non-metallic materials including most plastics and composites.
    • Minimum thickness: 1mm (0.039”) contact Innerspec for thinner material
    • Surface temperature: from -10ºC (14ºF) to 200ºC (392ºF)
  • Measurement Accuracy and Resolution:
    • Accuracy: 12.7µm (0.0005”)
    • Resolution: Up to 1mm
  • Sensor Head Assembly:
    • Touch probe and wheel options for scanning applications.
    • Non-marring rubber coupling.
    • Designed for easy attachment to different mountings.
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