Feasibility Studies

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Feasibility Studies

Finding the best technology for your specific application is not always easy. You even may wonder if a solution which will be well suited for your needs exists. These are very well-known areas for us as we are experts in non-conventional NDT applications and will help you avoiding this uncertainty by evaluating and demonstrating that our solution works. This will secure that our solution is exactly what your application demands.

As soon as you reach us with your problem, we initiate a process to find the best solution for your application. Based on your problem description, samples or specifications, and drawing from our almost 30 years of experience, our Research and Development group will evaluate and test the feasibility of every possible alternative.

Our facilities are fully equipped with the most complete range of High Power ultrasonic instrumentation as well as specialist laboratory equipment, mechanical testing facilities and more than 1000 different sample parts covering all material types and coming from several industrial applications to help comparing and benchmarking results. All this will ensure that if a solution exists, we will find the most feasible configuration for your needs.

Carrying out feasibility studies in our facilities is normally more efficient and cost-effective as we have direct access to all instrumentation options and auxiliary equipment. Nevertheless, when this is not desirable or possible, our team is trained to perform tests and demonstrations on-site, and you are always welcome to visit our facilities and assess the feasibility results first hand.

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