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Innerspec Technologies provides Sonatest WAVE in Spain, one the newest ultrasonic flaw detectors available in the market.

WAVE integrates the latest technologies available in order to create a revolution in the ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment market.

The customisable interface optimises the daily workflow, and a unique and embedded interactive scan plan, with ray-tracing capability and simulation tools, consolidates your results.

Its WiFi capability allows you to access it anywhere in the field, eases data transfer, application installation and manages calibration date and software version.


  • Interactive Scan Plan
  • Real-time Raytracer
  • UTouch Technology
  • Industrial touch-screen, water and couplant resistant
  • Application Concept
  • WAVE Companion software
  • Easy diagnosis
  • Distinction between geometrical indications and real flaws
  • Rugged
  • Customised user interface according to procedures


  • Up to 50 applications
  • P-CAP Multi Touch screen
  • Interactive scan plan for welds, crown and root, TKY, Nozzle, Flange and curved parts
  • Projected A-Scan
  • 4 gates
  • Up to 1500 PRF
  • 100 to 500 V
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • 0.2 to 20 MHz bandwidth
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Dimensions: 222 x 174 x 63 mm
  • IP 67
  • WiFi

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If you would like any more information on this system, please contact us, and one of our experts will be in touch.