VOLTA is an ultrasonic instrument designed for applications using Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT).

The 2-channel VOLTA can generate up to 1200Vpp or 8kW of peak power at speeds of 1000Hz to run the most demanding EMAT applications including:

  • MRUT (Medium Range UT from 25mm to 3000mm) guided and bulk wave techniques used for inspection of pipe supports, examination of underground and inaccessible areas, and fast screening of pipes and tanks.
  • LRUT (Long Range UT from 1m to 100m) guided wave technique to inspect long stretches of tube and pipe from a remote location.
  • Thin weld inspections using guided waves.
  • Shear Vertical, Shear Horizontal angled beams.
  • Normal beam flaw detection and thickness measurement.

VOLTA features Innerspec’s NDT-Web™ user-interface that permits real time control of the instrument using the detachable tablet provided with the equipment or an external device using a regular browser. The standard software version includes an easy-to-use wizard that permits setting up EMAT experiments using sensors from Innerspec or custom sensors from other manufacturers. Advanced software options are available to facilitate setup and analysis for MRUT, LRUT and other guided wave applications.


  • High-power, high-speed instrument for field environments.
  • Spike and tone-burst pulses at frequencies from 20kHz to 10MHz for all EMAT wave modes and applications.
  • All Guided Wave applications including MRUT and LRUT.
  • All EMAT Angled Beam applications.
  • All EMAT and DCUT Thickness Measurement applications.


Volta Specifications


  • Ergonomic backpack to transport the instrument, sensors, and accessories during inspections.
  • MOLLE modular accessories pouches to organize and carry the sensors and accessories.
  • Spare batteries and battery charger.
  • EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories from Innerspec catalogs.
  • External signal conditioning box for remote applications.
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