Standard EMAT Signal Conditioning and Multiplexers

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Signal Conditioning electronics provide RF coil and cable impedance matching, T/R switching and a first stage of amplification. Some boxes contain slots for separate Tuning Modules to match the RF Coil at a specific frequency as well as multiplexing capabilities. The external Signal Conditioning Box can be located up to 200cm from the sensors/RF Coils and 100m from the instrument. For the TEMATE POWERBOX H the signal conditioning box attaches directly to the top of the instrument.


External Signal Conditioning & Multiplexers

  • Single channel without tuning module low and high frequency. Normally used for normal beam applications.
  • Dual channel with separate slots for tuning modules with pulse/echo and pitch/catch capabilities.
  • Single channel with slot for tuning module with pulse/echo and pitch/catch capabilities plus 1:8 multiplexer.
  • Eight channel for phased array pitch-catch (SH sensor).
  • Eight channel for phased array pulse-echo (SV sensor).

TEMATE POWERBOX H Signal Conditioning & Multiplexer (attached to instrument)

  • Single channel with separate slot for tuning module. Provides pulse/echo and pitch/catch capabilities.
  • 1:8 multiplexer with slot for tuning module.