Standard EMAT Scanners

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Innerspec offers manual and automated scanners for a variety on ultrasonic testing (UT) applications. Our standard scanners include:

Motorized Scanners

  • temate® Navigator. Heavy-duty scanner for loads up to 100Kgs. Used with the Innerspec POWERBOX 2.
  • temate® MRUT (medium range ultrasonic testing) system.
  • temate® Crossover. Light-duty, battery operated unit for loads up to 10Kgs.

Manual Scanners

  • temate® MRUT Hand-Held Scanner. Permits encoded axial and circumfrential inspection of pipes and tanks using Lamb and SH waves.


  • Ideal for inspection of corrosion, cracks and discontinuities on exposed tubes, gas lines oil pipelines and storage tanks.
  • Detects ID and OD defects.
  • Inspection can be performed on rough and corroded surfaces and when covered with thin wraps and coatings (<3mm).