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Standard DCUT Sensors and Accessories

DCUT NDT sensors and accessories.

Our DCUT (Dry-Coupled UT) Transducers use Innerspec’s proprietary technology which takes advantage of Innerspec’s high-power UT instruments that provide the necessary energy to couple the sensors using only a thin rubber layer and very light pressure. Innerspec’s POWER UT integrated systems and POWERBOX portable instruments can deliver up to 3,000Vpp and 25kW of power for EMAT and DCUT for the most demanding ultrasonic applications.

Existing DCUT Transducers include flexible and rigid contact sensors and wheel probes designed to generate L waves in normal beam mode for flaw detection, thickness measurement and weld inspection.


  • Contact normal beam, with or without delay lines.
  • Wheel normal beam.
  • Flexible with integrated signal conditioning (for remote operation).
  • DCUT Transducers can be made only a few millimeters tall, and can easily bend and adapt to curved and irregular geometries.
  • Inspections are cleaner, easier, and do not contaminate the material being inspected.
  • DCUT Transducers eliminate all the costs associated with couplant.


DCUT Transducers
Description Frequency Applications
Contact DCUT 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 MHz High resolution thickness
Measurement (2.5µ - 0.0001")
and flaw detection with or
without delay lines.
Flexible DCUT 3.5 MHz Thickness measurement in tight
spaces and curved or
complex geometries.
Wheel DCUT 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 MHz Linear scanning thickness
measurement and flaw detection
on flat or curved surfaces.
Remote DCUT 3.0 MHz Remote spot thickness
measurement and flaw detection
on flat or curved surfaces.


  • Adapter for POWERBOX H.
  • Adapter for piezoelectric transducers from other parties.
  • Cables.
  • Wheel scanner for flat and curved parts.
  • Rod attachment for inspections at a distance.