NDT-LINK: Innerspec’s Cloud-based Asset Management Platform

May 23, 2024

NDT-LINK is Innerspec’s cloud-based asset management platform, accessible to everyone within our clients' organizations. It consolidates all necessary information and tools in one place to help operate, maintain, and maximize the utility of their equipment.

Once clients receive their login credentials from Innerspec, they gain access to a wide range of tools.

Users and Locations Management

Administrators can manage various Locations (e.g., Offices, Plants), users, and systems of their companies at a corporate level. Users with the appropriate access level can create one or more addresses per Location(e.g., Shipping, Billing). Our clients can create users with different levels of access. This information is used for NDT-LINK and can be propagated to the system/instrument to create individual profiles with varying levels of equipment access.

System Management

NDT-LINK contains a complete list of all systems/instruments from Innerspec. The information is organized by company and location and includes identification numbers, manuals, drawings, and any documentation shipped with the equipment or added later. Users can view the status of the system and various statistics depending on the application (e.g., Production Volumes), as well as logs that provide the latest system status information. Statistics and logs can be downloaded for review.

Customer Support

Customer support features include tools to open support requests, communicate with Innerspec during the support process, request and receive RMAs, and maintain a permanent record with the up-to-date status of each request.

The platform includes a list of spares customized for each system based on the original order and subsequent updates. NDT-LINK allows placing purchase orders directly from the platform or printing the list of spares to have an accurate spares and prices list sent to Innerspec from their own system.

Users have access to software updates (also available from the System Manager of the system/instrument). The Software Platforms section lists the software platforms of our client's systems with the latest updates available for download.

With NDT-LINK, Innerspec’s clients have a consolidated asset management platform to enhance their daily operations.

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