Conductivity Measurement in Plates (EC)

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POWER-EC CM provides automated electrical conductivity measurement of non-ferrous metallic plates in production environments.

Conductivity measurements are required to verify proper alloy/temper and to detect problems during heat treatment. Two arrays of sensors are moved across the top and bottom surfaces of the plate while it travels through the measuring station, to provide a complete conductivity map. The system meets the most stringent international standards, and is ideal for measurement of conductivity on aluminum plates used in aerospace manufacture.


  • Non-contact Eddy Current technique as the electrical conductivity measurement method.
  • Provides conductivity measurement on aluminum plates and other non-ferrous metallic materials.
  • Pass-through gantry configuration with independent calibration station.
  • Multi-sensor array permits fast scanning array of top and bottom surfaces of moving plate.
  • Maximum measurement error of +/-0.3%IACS. Meets MIL-STD-1537C for coverage and accuracy.
  • Proprietary technique automatically equalizes all the sensors during calibration process.
  • Automatic temperature and lift-off compensation during scanning.
  • Traversing speed of up to 3m/s. Sensor arrays can be adapted to meet different coverage and inspection speed requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrates with factory’s Level II for fully automated inspection.
  • Custom software with easy-to-interpret C-Scan-type views.
  • Built on Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) with NDT-WEB user interface.