VOLTA is a high-power 2-channel portable ultrasonic instrument custom-designed for Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) applications.

VOLTA features a patented pulser technology to satisfy the most energy-demanding EMAT applications in a compact and rugged package. Standard software built on Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) includes an intuitive menu to set up any EMAT application using standard sensors from Innerspec’s catalog for normal beam, angled beam, and guided waves.

Advanced application software is available with easy-to-use wizards to facilitate setup and analysis for MRUT (Medium-Range UT / 0-3 m), LRUT (Long-Range UT / 1-100 m), Rail Heads, Thin Welds, and other exclusive solutions.

The NDT-Web™ graphical interface permits real-time control of the instrument using the detachable ruggedized tablet provided with the instrument, or any other wireless device (MS Windows®,iOS™, Android). The user software integrates seamlessly with Innerspec’s NDT-Link™ portal to provide a complete suite of productivity tools including Asset Management, Remote Support, Data Sharing, and Reporting.


  • 2 Ultrasonic Channels for EMAT applications ranging from 20 kHz to 8 MHz.
  • 1,100 Vpp and 6 kW of peak power per channel, 1 to 10 cycles.
  • Standard software permits running any EMAT application including normal beam, angled beam, and guided waves.
  • Custom software for MRUT (Medium Range UT), LRUT (Long-Range UT), Rail Heads, Thin Welds, and other unique applications.
  • NDT-Web™ user interface and seamless integration with NDT-Link™ portal.
  • Complete suite of productivity tools for Asset Management, Remote Support, Data Sharing, and Reporting.

Volta combined


Volta Specifications


  • Ergonomic backpacks and MOLLE pouches to transport the instrument and all the necessary sensors and accessories to the worksite, and to comfortably carry the equipment while performing inspection.
  • Spare batteries and battery charger.
  • EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories from Innerspec catalogs.
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