Support in Advanced Inspection Services

Inspection companies are subject to high risk liabilities due to deficient inspection campaigns, customer complaints and assets failures after inspection due to erratic results of manual inspections.

Innerspec´s highly skilled personnel is able to support and increase efficiency of on-site operators acting as expert advisor for inspection companies, operators and asset owners. Our deep understanding of advanced inspection processes using ultrasonic guided waves and other advanced NDT methods is a key asset to ensure that examinations are carried out following approved procedures securing that satisfactory results are obtained at all times.

Furthermore, as OEM, we are best positioned to operate and perform advanced configurations and functional verifications of our instruments during operation.

We offer full support during the whole project lifecycle, starting from consulting and joint design of inspection campaigns, through inspection deployment and assessment of results by our NDT experts.

3 phases of the inspection: design, deployment and assesment of results

1. Inspection Design Support

To ensure your requirements are perfectly met we:

• Assist our customers to develop customized solutions for challenging inspection applications such as:

  • Extreme Temperatures (High and Low)
  • Non-Accessible areas
  • Difficult to inspect materials – stainless steel, clad materials, titanium
  • Novel manufacturing methods (Additively manufactured components, etc)

• Assist in designing the best solution to be deployed as part of an inspection plan

  • Using industry recognised methods, such as risk-based inspection, based on the API 580/581 standards

These services will cover our core technologies in EMAT’s , MRUT , LRUT and Eddy Current arrays , plus other Advanced inspection methods (e.g. PAUT and PEC) , Remote monitoring and conventional methods such as MT, PT, EC,RT and UT. We will:

  • Develop techniques through trials and modelling
  • Establish written NDT procedures
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of the NDT techniques to end users
  • Qualify procedures

2. Inspection Deployment overview

Having developed an inspection strategy we can assist in site deployment. Our inspection engineers are available to conduct inspections, supervise your inspectors and provide third party oversight of your suppliers when required. As above we are happy to assist with MRUT , LRUT, Eddy Current arrays plus other Advanced inspection methods (e.g. PAUT and PEC) , Remote monitoring and conventional methods such as MT, PT, EC,RT and UT.

We are also offer specialist site inspection such as:

  • High and low temperature
  • Buried Corrosion e.g. Lamp posts
  • Corrosion Under Pipe Supports
  • Bolt Load Tension Measurement
  • Residual Stress Measurement
  • Storage Tank Inspection

3. Assessment and verification of Inspection Results

Having gathered the inspection data we can help you gain acceptance of the results that have been obtained. Our expert NDT qualified personnel ensure that your reports are compliant with expectations while providing third party independent support.

Further analysis of results is also offered for techniques such as:

  • Engineering critical assessment (ECA)
  • Fitness for service (FFS)
  • Flaw acceptance limits
  • Demonstration of structural integrity of in-service components
  • Repair avoidance
  • Life extension and risk evaluation