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Inaccessible Area Inspection

Side inspection is used for the detection of defects in inaccessible areas up to 3m (10’) from the sensor.
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Permits inspecting a hidden or inaccessible area of a pipe or structure from the exposed side. Penetrates up to 3m (10’) from the area of inspection. Ideal for lamp posts, pipes, or any structure where there is only partial access to the structure.


  • Non-Contact EMAT technique.
  • Permits scanning or stationary measurements on round, flat, and semi-flat structures (pipes, lamp posts, electrical towers).
  • Penetrates compacted soil and coatings. Limited penetration on cement.

Software Upgrades

  • MRUT

Check this paper to know more about inspection of inaccesible areas:
Inspection of lamp posts and other non-accessible areas with EMAT Medium Range Guided Waves.

Related Instruments

The following instruments are recommended for this application.


Standard EMAT and DCUT Sensors and Accessories for the most common applications (normal beam, guided waves, angled beam)

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