Roll shops managers across Europe meet ROLLMATE

April 6, 2022

Last week our colleague Primoz Kekec presented at a seminar hosted by WALZENSERVICE CENTER (WSC) in Düsseldorf Germany. WSC is also part of CORE - Global Network and at this meeting, 13 rolls shops across Europe were represented. These roll shop managers met to talk about the latest developments in mill roll servicing. Primoz presented to them the advantages of Innerspec’s newest 3rd generation mill roll inspection system called ROLLMATE.

Roll shop managers were especially interested in the Omni-directional Ultrasound detection capability of ROLLMATE. In summary, ROLLMATE is the only system that inspects for surface and sub-surface defects from 4 different directions at the same time. The same topic is presented in greater detail in this video.

To see a short 5-minute video, presenting the capabilities of ROLLMATE, click on this link.