Our latest Robotic Inspection System for Blue Origin

December 22, 2023

Good end to a great year with Factory Acceptance of our latest Robotic Inspection System for BLUE ORIGIN. The system includes:- 60' (12.2m) cell with two 6-axis robots mounted on tracks, a part rotator, and a turntable inside a tank for a total of 17 moving axes.- The twin robots can perform independent or synchronized Phased Array and Thru-Transmission inspections.- The 8'x8' (2.4x2.4m) 3,830 gallon (14.5m3) tank includes a turntable capable of lifting parts weighing 25,000 pounds (11,340 Kgs).- A 12' (3.6m) part rotator for inspecting cylindrical components.Thank you BLUE ORIGIN for trusting us with your inspection equipment needs.

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