Large Tubes, Billets, Logs (UT Gantry)

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POWERUT T/B/L GANTRY is designed to provide full-volumetric inspection of round products (tubes, billets, logs) using a rotating station and a moving gantry.


  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) technique with optional EC and laser measurement.
  • Full volumetric, ultrasonic in-line inspection of round products (seamless tubes, billets, logs) using the simultaneous rotation of the product and a traversing gantry that permit covering a large array of diameters from 50 to 900 mm.
  • Fewer inspection elements than non-rotating systems.
  • Modular Phased-Array Clusters Technology.
  • Full parallel firing of Phased Array elements.
  • Localized immersion at each cluster using acoustically transparent membranes for optimum coupling and minimum water consumption rates.
  • Fully-floating compliant cluster design with 3 Degrees-of-Freedom with robust mechanical placement for precise product control and low maintenance.
  • Optional Eddy Current Testing.
  • Wall thickness measurement and Optional Outer-Diameter measurement for full eccentricity control.
  • Typical inspection speeds up to 20m/min.