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Veo3 by Sonatest is the third generation of the Phased Array instruments line. The most improvement of this instrument is that uses 3 complementary inspection techniques simultaneously, which helps to inspect with confidence, providing fast and accurate results.

Techniques used by Veo 3 are PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), TFM (Total Focusing Method) and TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction). These advanced technologies allow real-time capabilities to this portable instrument.

Fitted with a state-of-the-art PCAP touch panel, the now legendary user interface is even better.

With Veo3, having the ability to simultaneously show a PA and several live TFM scans it is now easier than ever to identify and size flaws with high P.O.D. and increased technician confidence. The advanced technology in Veo3 also allows the addition of a TOFD scan to the PA and TFM live scans.

The instrument has all the flexibility necessary to help you solve challenging applications. Its unique architecture can generate up to six live TFM scans, produced from multiple FMC sources on different probes. This allows theend-users to focus where it matters, solving the most difficult inspections.

Veo3 can generate TFM images of up to 500K pixels with a maximum resolution of 100 pixel per mm without limiting the number of pixel per axis. Combining Time Corrected Gain on the TFM image, the technician is able to inspect thicker parts with superior flexibility whilst remaining ASME compliant. And all with a singlescan.

All of the data received during Full Matrix Capture (FMC) scanning can be recorded on the Veo3. As a result, further detailed analysis can be performed including comparison with previous inspection data to identify trends and flaw/corrosion growth rates.

The Sonatest UTStudio+ software package has extensive capabilities to assist the inspector/ expert or alternatively the data can be exported for post-analysis using other algorithms.


Veo3 - Technical Specifications
Multiscan Quantity Up to 8 scans Up to 2 scans (UT & TOFD) Up to 6 scans
Pulsers/Receivers 32:128PR 2PR (4 connectors) Up to 64 elements probe
Gain Range 80dB 100dB 80dB
Sampling Frequency 125 MHz @ 12-Bit 50/100/200 MHz @ 10-Bit 125 MHz @ 12-Bit (processing 16-Bit)
System Bandwidth 0.2 to 23 MHz 0.2 to 18 MHz 0.2 to 23 MHz
Pulse Voltage 100-50V ActiveEdge© 400-100V ActiveEdge© 100-50V ActiveEdge©
Focusing Mode Natural or Constant
na Focusing in all points TFM
S-Scan Resolution Up to 0.1° na Down to 0.01mm
L-Scan Resolution Down to 1 element or Double Resolution na Down to 0.01mm
Max PA Beams (focal laws) Up to 1024 beams na Up to 500,000 Pixels
Tools – Measurements and Wizard EXTRACTION BOX, 4 gates/A-Scan, TCG, DAC/Split-DAC 4 gates/A-Scan, TCG, DGS/Split DGS, DAC/Split-DAC 10 TFM algorithms, EXTRACTION BOX, 4 gates, Velocity, TCG, Amplitude fidelity, up to 20 cursors/view
Onboard Scan Plan Tools Onboard 3D live rendering
Onboard Reporting Tools PDF auto-report, Export data to CSV file, Save screen capture
Onboard PDF Reader Integrated Ability to load and read and PDF documents
Online Help Calibration ACTIVE help genius for parameter optimisation procedures, reports
Standards ISO18563 (EN16392) & EN12668
Operating Time 6 hours (hot swappable batteries)
Power Input AC 110V/240V @ 50 Hz/60 Hz
Unit Dimensions 115 x 220 x 225 mm (4.52 x 8.6)
Weight 5.1 kg (11 lb) no battery, 460g
Environmental Rating Designed for: IP66

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If you would like any more information on this system, please contact us, and one of our experts will be in touch.