Light-Coated Free Standing Pipe Inspection

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A single or double sensor performs ultrasonic pipeline inspection on the pipe to measure attenuation and/or velocity changes in the signal due to corrosion, cracks or other defects around the circumference of the pipe. Ideal for quick inspections of exposed pipe at speeds up to 150mm/s (6in/s).


  • Non-Contact EMAT technique.
  • Axial scanning provides circumferential inspection of the pipes.
  • Provides inspection on rough and corroded surfaces and when covered with thin wraps and coatings.
  • Permits inspection of pipes from 1” to 36” accessing only one point around the diameter of the pipe. Larger diameter pipes can be covered with multiple passes.
  • Available for pipes up to 1” in thickness.
  • Detects corrosion and pits as small as 1/10th of pipe thickness.
  • Manual (25mm/s) and motorized (100mm/s) solutions available.