Papers and Publications

The table below shows a list of papers and publications by Innerspec Technologies on EMAT and Advanced NDT Techniques.

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Title Year Publication
Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) Based Production Inspection Systems 2002 Rolling Seminar Brazil
Automated Inspection System for Casters and Mill Rolls 2004 APT Aluminum
EMATs for Weld Inspection 2004 Inspection Trends
Detection Of Wall Loss Due To Corrosion Using EMAT 2006 ASNT
Thin Weld Inspection Using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) 2006 ASNT
Automated Coil Weld Inspection with Ultrasonic EMAT 2006 Steel Czech
Ultrasonic Inspection Without Couplant 2006 Metal Producing & Processing
Inspection of Mash Seem Welds with EMAT 2007 AIST
New EMAT Instrumentation Sensors and Applications 2007 QNDE
In-Line Thickness Measurement/Monitoring of Metals Using Ultrasonic EMAT Technology 2008 FABTECH
Delamination Detection in Composite Clad Products Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave EMATs 2008 FABTECH
In-Line EMAT Ultrasonic Weld Inspection for ERW Tube Mill Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves 2009 FABTECH
In-line and In-service Applications of Ultrasonic EMAT Inspection 2009 ICPITT
Inspection of Austenitic Welds with EMATs 2009 QNDE
Development of Single Channel and Phased Array EMAT for Austenitic 2010 ASNT
Detection of internal defects prior to value-added processes to minimize final product surface defects 2010 AIST
Inline Testing of ERW Tubes using Ultrasonic Guided Wave EMAT 2010 Natl. Congress of Applied Mechanics
Introduction to EMAT Ultrasonic Inspection for Tube and Pipe Products 2010 FABTECH
EMAT and its Application in Weld Inspection 2010 NDT China
Austenitic Weld Inspection with EMAT Phased Array 2011 ASNT
Advances in Portable High Powered EMAT Instruments 2011 ASNT ATA NDT
Advances in NDT of Tubing 2011 AIST
Non-Contact Ultrasonic Inspection of Tubes and Pipes in Production Environment with EMAT 2011 FABTECH
Improved Technologies for Roll Inspection 2012 AIST
Recent Advancements in Ultrasonic Inspection of Tubes and Pipes in Production Environments 2012 FABTECH
EMAT - Current Advances in Methodology and Applications 2012 CONAEND
temate® BW-LT(ERW) - High-Speed Inspection of High-Temp ERW Welds 2012 Manufacturing Engineering Magazine
temate® Surface and Volumetric Inspection of flat products 2012 Manufacturing Engineering Magazine
temate® PowerBox H - An Ultrasonic Powerhouse in a Portable Package 2013 NDT Marketplace
temate® BW-LT(ERW) - In-Line Inspection of ERW Tube and Pipe at High Temperatures 2013 Tube & Pipe Journal
In-Service EMAT Applications 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
Introduction to EMAT 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
temate® Si-WB (G4) Launch Letter 2013 General Correspondance
Weld Integrity Monitoring with Innerspec's temate® PowerBox H 2013 Society of Piping Engineers and Designers
In-Service Inspections Using EMAT and MRUT 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
EMAT Capabilities for Stress Corrosion Crack inspection inWeld Overlay Cladding using Guided Waves 2015 British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
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