CAMUS 3D Semi-Automated

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CAMUS 3D is an innovative solution that provides a cost-effective alternative to multi-axis inspection robots and gantries. The system integrates an array of 3D cameras that track the position of the probe with a high-performance PAUT instrument to provide accurate, high-resolution C-scans on parts with complex shapes. CAMUS 3D is a flexible, accurate, and affordable solution for inspection of composites and metallic components.


  • 3D cameras eliminate encoders, wiring, and electrical noise. Permits semi-automated inspections (hand scanning, wireless encoding), and eliminates encoders on system retrofits.
  • Phased Array UT (32 to 128 channels) sensor with custom shoes to adapt to any geometry.
  • 3D Cameras track probe movement and provide encoding and full traceability of the inspection results.
  • Permits direct detection of defects as small as 1/8” in diameter (3mm) in laminated composites. Detects scattered porosity through back-wall attenuation, and provides a full thickness map of the part.
  • Inspection cell up to 1000 sq./ft. (100 m2) of coverage. Larger cells available upon request.
  • Real-time C-scans provide immediate feedback of coverage and quality of inspection.
  • Multi-partscanning in one inspection cell.
  • Upgradeable to fully-automated robotic inspection.
  • Permits adding PAUT to an existing line without the complex integration.
  • Qualified by major aerospace manufacturers.
  • SONIA instrumentation with INSPECTVIEW® Software.
  • Built by Innerspec in the US under license from Tecnatom.