Tailor Welded Blanks

TEMATE SI-WB is the industry standard for automated inspection of laser welds in Tailor Welded Blanks. TEMATE SI-WB can be integrated on any line using the line conveyor, de-stacking robots or automated and manual scanners from Innerspec or other vendors.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique.
  • Guided waves fill up the volume of the material and provide thru thickness inspection in one pass.
  • Detects and discriminates “planar” defects such as lack of fusion, lack of penetration, concavity or mismatch, and “point” defects such as holes and porosity.
  • Insensitive to cosmetic defects that do not affect the structural quality of the weld. No false positives, typical of vision systems.
  • Less sensitive to probe positioning, no “rastering” motion or “phased array” of sensors necessary. Self-calibrated sensor. No need for teaching period or regular calibrations. Permits inspection at up to 1m/s in completely automated environments.
  • Exclusive flexible sensor technology that conforms to the surface and undulations of the part.
  • Multi-sensor capabilities with one system controlling up to three sensor heads.
  • Most proven and reliable system in the market with hundreds of systems installed.

General Specifications

Materials Inspected

  • Steel and Aluminum, all grades coated and uncoated
  • 0.010” (0.3mm) to 0.138” (3.5mm) thickness

Defect Detection

  • Pinholes
  • Pores
  • Mismatch
  • Lack of Penetration
  • Lack of Fusion
  • Concavity

Inspection Technique

  • Volumetric guided waves for inspection of the weld (i.e. top and bottom surface, and internal).
  • Pitch-catch and pulse-echo configurations.
  • Maximum sample rate of 2000 pulses per second for inspection speed of 1m/s.


  • Sensor: 6” (152mm) W x 7.1” (180mm) L x 5.9” (150mm) H. Weight 10 lbs (4.5 Kg).
  • Data Acquisition Cabinet: Enclosure is 24” (610mm) W x 32.3” (820 MM) L x 69” (1750 mm) H, weighing 500 lbs (225 Kgs).

Integration Options

Innerspec Table Scan

  • High speed inspection of linear welds using Innerspec’s NDT solutions.
  • Manual start or factory PLC controlled.
  • Adjustable for different part sizes, and multiple welds.
  • Compatible with all Innerspec weld inspection sensors for scans up to 1 m/sec.
  • Visual & digital results for each weld.
  • Parts loaded manually or with robot.

Watch this video to learn more about the Innerspec Tablescan - Click here

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