VOLTA by Innerspec: High-Performance NDT Solutions

Innerspec introduced the first portable EMAT instrument for guided waves in 2012, and we are proud to announce another industry-first with VOLTA. VOLTA is a 2-channel multi-purpose portable EMAT instrument with a frequency range from 20 kHz to 8 MHz capable of running both Medium Range UT (MRUT) and Long Range UT (LRUT) applications, as well as other standard and custom EMAT applications from Innerspec (e.g. weld inspection, railhead inspection).

VOLTA also ushers a new era in non-destructive testing with NDT-Web™; the first web-based user interface that permits real-time visualization and control from any browser connected to the equipment. VOLTA is designed by and for inspectors with a detachable control tablet and custom backpacks for both the instrument and accessories that provide a comfortable solution to transport the equipment and use it in the field.

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Volta combined

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