Rollmate G3. Latest Generation of Roll Inspection Systems Unveiled

Innerspec Technologies in partnership with WHEMCO has developed a new roll inspection system that permits inspection of rolls of any alloy, forged and cast, with unparalleled performance and capabilities.

The Rollmate G3 incorporates a patented hybrid technique with 20 ultrasonic and magnetic sensors to detect roll defects as small as 0.1mm in depth, and perform a variety of quality and life-expectancy measurements. The modular design permits detection of surface and sub-surface defects in all orientations, core-shell disbond, bruises (soft-spots), and measure shell thickness in one single pass.

The Rollmate G3 also includes Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) with NDT-Web™ User-Interface. Another industry-first, NDT-Web™ permits an operator to remotely see and manipulate the equipment from any device in real time using a regular browser connected to the instrument’s IP address. In addition to a great improvement in operational flexibility, NDT-Web™ facilitates the customization of the interface without affecting the operation of the equipment.

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Rollmat G3 Rollmate G3

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