Innerspec PowerBox H

The Innerspec PowerBox H is the only hand-held, battery operated instrument capable of generating up to 1200V or 8kW of peak power at speeds of up to 300Hz. For pulse-echo operation, a built-in transmitter/receiver switch permits connecting directly to the instrument with no additional hardware. A built-in thermocouple port permits taking temperature readings to correct time-of-flight measurements, and a one-axis encoder input can be used for integration with an automated or manual scanner. A setting of 600Vpp (approx. 3kW) is also available to maximize battery life if the application does not require full power. Embedded PowerUT® H software permits the user to modify the triggering and receiving patterns, use advanced filters to enhance signal-to-noise and present the information on A, B, C and Line Scan formats. Screen captures, device settings, and data can be downloaded to a PC using additional software provided with the instrument. The Innerspec PowerBox H can be used with any sensor from Innerspec’s Standard Catalog and sensors from other manufacturers.


  • High-temperature thickness measurement.
  • Thickness scanning without couplant.
  • Austenitic weld inspection (single element).
  • Inspection under supports and on air-to-soil interfaces using guided waves.
  • Light-post inspections.
  • Surface wave inspections.
  • Measurement of Stress, Bolt-Load and Nodularity.
  • Corrosion and flow monitoring (see monitoring applications).
  • Thickness Measurement with Dry-Coupled Piezoelectric Probes.
  • Thickness Measurement with standard liquid-coupled probes (requires signal attenuator).


Innerspec PowerBox H Specifications


  • Modules (for pulse-echo multiplexing and pitch-catch signal conditioning).
  • Encoders.
  • Thermocouple.
  • Spare Battery.
  • Battery Charger (dual slot).
  • Battery Pack (for external signal conditioning box).
  • AC/DC power pack with AC cord.
  • Body Harness.
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