High-Power UT Instrumentation

Conventional ultrasonic instrumentation has been designed to provide good performance with conventional piezoelectric transducers that enjoy a high-degree of efficiency when properly coupled to the material.

However, there are techniques and applications where very high voltages and/or long bursts of energy are necessary to produce the desired outcome, including:

  • Non-contact techniques such as Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducers and air-coupled ultrasound.
  • Highly attenuative materials and low-frequency applications.

High-Power UT Instrumentation Comparison Table

Innerspec has patented a unique pulser topology that permits outputs in excess of 20kW of power in frequencies ranging from 50kHz to 20MHz. The advantages of these pulsers include:

  • Large power density.
  • Optimum power over a wide range of frequencies.
  • High efficiency (>93%) with minimum heat dissipation needs.

Innerspec uses 8kW and 20kW pulsers in their high-power temate® instrumentation as shown in the table below:

High-Power UT Instrumentation Instruments

The power output at different frequencies for the 8kW and 20kW pulsers are shown on the tables below:

8kW RF Pulser 8k

High-Power UT Instrumentation 8kW Pulser, Power vs Frequency

Typical output currents and voltages 8Kw RF pulser at 1.5Mhz.

High-Power UT Instrumentation 8kW pulser at 1.5Mhz

20kW RF Pulser

Typical output currents and voltages 20Kw RF pulser at 1.5Mhz.

High-Power UT Instrumentation 20kW Pulser

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