PRIMO is a compact tabletop instrument designed for performance, versatility, and expandability with separate stackable modules for conventional ultrasound, eddy current, and high-power Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) applications.

The software is built around Innerspec Technologies Operating Platform (ITOP) with NDT-Web™ user interface.


  • Standard (fixed) Modules:
  • Available optional Modules (1 at a time):
    • 2 Channel EMAT.
    • 24 channel UT and 4 channel EC.
    • 8 channel EC.
  • NDT-Web™ user-interface broadcast via wireless and/or Ethernet connection to any external device -PC, Tablet- running any operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux).
  • Ready-made EMAT, UT, and EC software applications from Innerspec.
  • NDT-Web™ API for web developers that permits access to real time inspection data via a RESTful web interface. Subscribers to this API can control the behavior of the instrument and render real-time inspection data in rich web interfaces with HTML and JavaScript technologies. The inspection data provided by NDT-Web™ API is in JSON format and supports standard UT and EC features such as:
    • Single and multi-sensor configurations.
    • Amplitude/TOF (UT) and Impedance Plane (EC).
    • A, B, C, and S scans (UT) and Curve Fitting (EC).
    • Gates, DAC/TCG and Alarms.
    • Band-pass and advanced filters.
    • Encoder and IO controls.
    • Exports to JPEG/CSV.
    • Reporting.
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