Innerspec and Mistras launch new partnership to commercialize Acoustic Emission technology in Spain and Portugal

Innerspec, global leader in High Power Ultrasonic instrumentation, and Mistras, the global leader in development of Acoustic Emission (AE) equipment, have joined forces to commercialize Acoustic Emission solutions in Spain and Portugal. Innerspec´s local presence and extensive experience in the Spanish NDT sector will be combined with Mistras´ vast experience in Acoustic Emission technology to provide local sales, support and consulting services using this technology.

The Acoustic Emission NDT technique is based on the detection and processing of high frequency elastic waves to electrical signals which are then processed to determine and characterize mechanical behaviour of materials deforming while external loads are being applied. Acoustic Emission helps users to “listen” to the sounds emitted by small cracks growing, fibers breaking and many other modes of active damage in stressed materials providing an accurate analysis of the overall structure health status.

Acoustic Emission Process

This new venture will provide Innerspec´s customers with solutions for new applications where Acoustic Emission provides unique benefits including inspection of oil and gas storage tanks, corrosion detection, monitoring of bridges, inspection and monitoring of composite material parts and components or valve leakage detection among many others.

Ropeworks Storage

Corrosion Under Insulation

Through the signature of this agreement, Innerspec becomes the only authorised distributor of Mistras Acoustic Emission technology in Spain and Portugal reinforcing its position as leading local NDT company while being able to extend the range of NDT technologies provided to the industry.

Mistras Inspection

Innerspec already counts with certified Acoustic Emission personnel dedicated to the provision services and sales support plus the invaluable backup of Mistras´ technical experts with over 40 years of dedicated experience in the AE field worldwide.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about our range of AE solutions, and how this technology can help your company in your inspection and monitoring processes.