NDT powerhouses Innerspec and Tecnatom launch new consulting training and inspection support services venture Farfield NDT

Innerspec, the global leader in EMAT technology, and Tecnatom, the global leader in Piezoelectric UT and Eddy Current instrumentation, announced the official launch of their joint venture Farfield NDT. Combining Innerspec’s and Tecnatom’s complementing expertise, Farfield is a huge asset to any company needing NDT solutions. The mission of Farfield is to contribute to the safety and economic effectiveness of industrial facilities and infrastructure by providing advanced knowledge and expertise in non-destructive testing.

The advanced consulting network Farfield offers will help to develop custom engineered solutions to meet their customers needs. Farfield has created the largest NDT/NDE expert network, with over 100 selected Level III inspectors, researchers, and senior development engineers with wide experience in the latest non-destructive testing tools and techniques. By offering multidisciplinary project-specific consultancy teams, they offer a personal expertise and independent cross-cutting approach to complex NDT issues.

Farfield will provide specific training for Level I and Level II EMAT applications, as well as custom applications for needs of the customer to address specific inspections using commercially-available technologies. This training will highlight the combination of equipment and technology currently provided by Innerspec and Tecnatom.

Without being in competition with current NDT inspection providers, Farfield will provide Technical support for specialized inspection applications. Farfield will combine supervision by Level III experts, inspectors, analysts, and equipment supplies from their parent companies, to provide specific NDT inspection for specialized applications.

With the backing from Innerspec and Tecnatom, Farfield will be able to consult, train, and provide services to fill the known gaps in the NDT service industry. To learn more about and/or to contact Farfield, you can visit us online at www.FarfieldNDT.com.

Farfield NDT Launch Farfield NDT Launch