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Standard Acoustic Emission Preamplifiers

Wide range of preamplifiers to amplify the voltage output from the sensor, low cost preamplifiers, suitable for hazardous environments and low power consumption preamplifiers.
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Voltage Preamplifiers

A voltage preamplifier amplifies the voltage output from the sensor. This is the most commonly used preamplifier type.

The MISTRAS voltage Preamplifiers were designed to be used with all available AE systems that have their power supplied via the output signal BNC. Provided with a user selectable gain, these preamplifiers operate with either a single-ended or differential sensor.

Plug-in filters provide the flexibility to optimize sensor selectivity and noise rejection. These filters are supplied in the Low Pass (LP), High Pass (HP) and Band Pass (BP) configurations, and offer constant insertion loss for easy filter swapping without the need for recalibration.

Used to verify sensor coupling, the unique Auto Sensor Test (AST) allows the sensor to characterize its own condition, as well as send out a simulated acoustic emission wave that other sensors can detect.

In-line preamplifiers

The IL series of preamplifiers are small (~ 1” square x 2.2” long), low cost preamplifiers, that are available for those applications where there is a known specific preamplifier specification that will not be deviated from. They are available with a fixed frequency band pass, fixed gain and sensor connection type (single or differential), and the AST sensor pulsing option, each of which is specified at the time of purchase. They use MISTRAS’ standard single Power/Signal BNC.

Intrinsically safe preamplifiers

The Intrinsically safe preamplifiers are used in hazardous, gaseous environments that require class IIC, Intrinsically Safe (IS) apparatus. The IS preamplifiers are designed and certified for use within the hazardous area, while the barrier is attached to the preamplifier and is installed outside the hazardous area where it is connected to the AE instrument. Therefore, this series of sensor and preamplifier is used when the AE system can be installed outside the hazardous area. The IS preamplifiers must be used in combination with the listed IS sensors and barrier. They feature selectable gain, pluggable High Pass and Low Pass filters, and operate with MISTRAS’ standard single Power/Signal BNC.

Low Power Preamplifiers

Low power consumption, voltage type preamplifiers for use with MISTRAS’ handheld and Sensor Highway™ line of online monitoring systems.

Charge Amplifiers

The Charge Preamplifier is used in cases where there is a need for long lengths of sensor input cable. Charge preamplifiers do not suffer from distance/attenuation effects like voltage preamplifiers do. They maintain the signal sensitivity regardless of distance from the passive sensor to the preamplifier.

The 1222 works with our entire range of single-ended sensors and features selectable 40/60 dB gain, standard PAC pluggable filters, bandwidths of 20 - 600 kHz and built-in test signal and control. It is directly compatible with all PAC systems using the single Power/Signal AE input BNC connection.

We offer specialized models of the 1222 charge amplifier for use in low frequency and high radiation environments.

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