Two new OPTEMATE systems being readied for shipping to a Tailor Welded Blank customer

February 21, 2022
two OPTEMATE system ready to send

Two new OPTEMATE systems prepared for shipping to a Tailor Welded Blank manufacturer. Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB) are made from two or more individual sheets with different characteristics (thicknesses, materials) that are welded together to form a composite blank designed to reduce the weight or improve crash worthiness in a vehicle.

Innerspec Technologies designed the first ultrasonic EMAT system for inspection of TWB in the late 90s (TEMATE), and has recently developed a new vision system (OPTEMATE) to complement the ultrasonic EMAT inspection with surface measurements, and meet the most rigorous automotive standards such as SEL100 and ISO 13919.

OPTEMATE is the only surface inspection system capable of measuring blank misalignment, weld overfill and underfill, weld width, and the ablated area on blanks with aluminum coatings.

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