Defect Detection in Plates (EMAT)

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TEMATE PI-NB is an automated ultrasonic system for volumetric inspection of metallic plates using normal beam sensors. TEMATE PI-NB can be customized to meet your unique inspection needs.


  • Non-contact EMAT technique.
  • Detects planar defects using 0º sensors. Meets all relevant standards for the inspection of plates, including EN10160, ASTM A435, and ASTM A578.
  • Permits inspection at very high temperatures (up to 650º) and very low (-30ºC).
  • Easy to deploy: EMATs do not need to be perpendicular to the inspected surface to give reliable data, and surface variations caused by oil, moisture, or oxidation do not diminish accuracy.
  • Consistent results: EMAT coils are integrated circuits with virtually no variation from probe to probe.
  • Scalable to meet any plate width.
  • Off-line and in-line integration options available.