Round and Square Bars In-Line (UT No Rotation)

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POWERUT BAR CP1,2,4 are designed to provide for full-volumetric inspection of metallic bars at high-speeds. The sensors surround the bar as it is fed into the inspection station for 100% inspection without rotation.


  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) technique with optional EC and laser measurement.
  • Full volumetric, ultrasonic in-line inspection of Round, Square and Hexagonal Bars for ultimate productivity up to 48 m/min (800mm/s).
  • In-line modular Circular-Probes (CP) layout for complete coverage without needing to rotate the work-piece.
  • Full immersion of inspected section resulting in optimal coupling, better detectability and inspection repeatability.
  • One system can inspect a wide range of bar sizes and geometries without making mechanical or calibration changes.
  • Capable of inspecting round and square bars in the same line.
  • 4 Standard System Configurations based on product-size ranges:

           - POWERUT BAR CP1 : up to 65 mm *

           - POWERUT BAR CP2 : 20 to 130 mm *

           - POWERUT BAR CP3 : 50 to 180 mm *

           - POWERUT BAR CP4 : 50 to 250 mm *

* Dimension refers to diameter (round) or distance across-flats (square or hex).