We put a lot of effort into reliability and robustness of our NDT equipment and are very proud of our results based on customers feedback. Our products are built to last over time even when they work in the harshest environments. Even so, equipment may need periodic calibration or occasional repairs.

In order to get the best out of our equipment, we recommend periodical in-depth calibrations, carried out by our professionals. For repairs, our facilities and laboratories are equipped with specialist equipment and expert personnel to help us identify any faulty component. Innerspec maintains a wide stock of ready-to-use spare parts and consumables to ensure fast NDT equipment repair.

Please, contact us if you have identified a faulty piece of equipment or ask for on-site assistance from our experienced technicians. Our calibration and repair processes are fully tracked and we will provide you a dedicated RMA number to update status while the process lasts.

In addition to the standard NDT equipment calibration services, Innerspec Technologies Europe offers the following customized preventive maintenance services to its customers based on their own customer needs:

a) Premium fast on-site support intervention The premium on-site visit agreement guarantees the visit of a support engineer of Innerspec Technologies within 72 hours from request at the customer plant. Furthermore it guarantees premium response for remote support matters.

b) Premium on-site scheduled visits This plan includes a fixed amount of annual on-site visits at reduced rate.

c) Premium fast on-site support and scheduled maintenance visits This plan includes the advantages of both Premium fast on-site support intervention within 72 hours and Premium on-site Scheduled Visits at a reduced rate.

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