Corrosion Detection in Tank Bottom Floors

Acoustic Emission is used for this inspection in order to perform corrosion detection in tank bottom non-accessible areas without emptying the fluid stores or render the tank out of service to perform an inspection from the inside. TANKPAC Technology is proposed for this type of inspection.

Advantages of using TANKPAC technology for corrosion detection in tank bottom non-accessible areas are:

  • Reduce operation and maintenance time
  • Determine the tanks that need priority maintenance
  • Increase tank’s operation periods

TANKPAC procedure has been developed and utilised for the inspection of more than 12.000 tank floors for the last 20 years. TANKPAC is the standard procedure for in-service tank floor inspection, with no need to stop production or emptying the stored product. TANKPAC is more than an inspection procedure; it is a grading and prioritisation methodology separating these into tanks in good and bad conditions. In this way maintenance is devoted to tanks most in need.