Spent Nuclear Fuel

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Spent Nuclear Fuel

Detect leaking rods in spent nuclear fuel without disassembling fuel assembly.

Tecnatom and Enusa, within their line of SICOM products, provide the SICOM-UT ultrasonic inspection system, built of components tolerant to high radiation, proved in different NPP, and adaptable to different types of nuclear fuel.

SICOM-UT integrates state of the art technologies in UT hardware (SONIA), acquisition and specialized analysis software (INSPECTVIEW + SICOM UT plug-in), and specific ultrasonic probes.


  • Detection of leaking rods by presence on water into the fuel rods without disassembling fuel assembly (FA).
  • Equipment placed on three empty racks.
  • Location structure based on two adjacent rack cells.
  • 2D Centering rollers.
  • Shielded High radiation camera for monitoring and setting up purposes.
  • Double blade probe assembly.
  • High frequency UT probe.
  • Transducers endure and qualified for high radiation.
  • Scracht safe probe design.
  • High sensitivity and precision.
  • On-line and off-line analisys.
  • Semi-automatic algorithms analisys.
  • Redundant reedition and retest capabilities.
  • Axis encoder and motorized motion.
  • SONIA data acquisition system.
  • Specific InspectView Acquisition and Analysis Software.
  • Part of SICOM range for Fuel Assembly.
  • Technology proved in NPP.
  • Operational experience in Nuclear Power Plants.
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