Nuclear Fuel Assembly

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Nuclear Fuel Assembly

The CRONOS Inspection System provides a complete solution for inspections of Rod Cluster Control Assembly (RCCA). It includes all necessary tools to cover the full inspection providing a high-quality results in a short time: acquisition, evaluation, data base management, reporting…

This equipment combines Eddy Current (ET) and Ultrasonic (UT) methods, with its own signal processing software, all accompanied by the latest electronics developed by Tecnatom. This, together with advanced tools for evaluation and analysis provides great capability for detection and characterization of all possible degradations affecting RCCA’s: wears, swelling and cracks.

CRONOS Inspection System can be used for inspection of RCCA’s for 17×17 as well as 16×16 fuel assemblies, selecting the proper mechanical, and also to inspect rods with different surface treatments as nitrided, chromed, etc.


  • Multitechnical system: Combines the eddy current (ET) and ultrasonic (UT) methods.
  • Specific design to work underwater in a radioactive environment.
  • Equipment placed on empty racks in spent fuel pool.
  • Easy positioning of the Control Rod as a result of centering device for manipulator tool.
  • Capability to perform the inspection of the 100% of rods with only two passes.
  • Redundant acquisitions to minimize retest.
  • The latest Tecnatom technology in HW and SW for acquisition and evaluation.
  • Fast acquisition, less than 15 minutes per RCCA.
  • Operational experience in Nuclear Power Plants.
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